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How We Can Help

  • Are you interested in selling your home?

  • Are you worried your home may require expensive repairs and renovations to attract buyers?

  • Are you dreading the hassle and inconvenience of working with a Realtor and opening your home to showings and open houses?

  • Are you looking to sell a home held in an estate or trust?

  • Are you concerned about hazardous conditions or excessive debris on your property?

Seba Residential purchases homes CASH throughout Southern CA, helping homeowners cash out of their unwanted properties and move on from the hassle and mounting expenses of owning a home that no longer serves them.

Seba Residential will buy your home regardless of its condition, any additional legal processes and limitations, and will never ask you to complete any repairs or provide any reports.


If the idea of selling your home directly to an interested, fair buyer, avoiding Realtor commissions and the associated showings and negotiations is appealing to you….contact us today!


Contact us for a free, no-obligation offer. We will discuss your current situation and collect all the basic information we need to conduct an initial assessment of your home.


We will schedule an in-home visit at your convenience to meet with you to answer any additional questions you might have and view the home to determine its condition to finalize our evaluation.


Receive an offer! You can rest assured the offer you receive willbe a fair offer based on all of the collected information and current market value. You can always be certain that the person you are dealing with is empowered with the ultimate decision making authority and will never be subject to the approval of a partner, investor, or contractor. Many other residential real estate investors may require final approval by a superior or outside investor.

Get your Free, No-Obligation Offer Today!

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